Vray materials

We are listing tens of Vray materials so far, tens of others are coming soon!
If you want to share any material from your repository, just do it! Email us at studio@flyingarchitecture.com :) Thanks


  1. My rhino says they are invalid ASGvis material file..
    do you know what the problem is?
    Is it right using the route: Material Workspace>Scene Materials right click-> Import new materials?

  2. Alpha Delta says:

    Nice works mates….
    i have hundreds of materials for V.ray for Sketch up….
    i wonder if you are interested in posting them, if some of you are SU fans…..

    Great works and Thank you..

  3. are these materials compatible with version vray 1.05 29 or i must have latest version 1.5?

  4. if not, would you be so kind and recommend me some web page or blog like yours that have some good materials for version 1.05 29…tnx

  5. Huge Thank for your Efforts of making VFR more usable.
    Could you please Make a Wet Asphalt Vismat like this one?:


  6. Excellent Thanks so much!…

  7. Can you give me material vray for 3d max? by format .mat not .vismat?

  8. how can i apply a vismat material in 3ds max 2013?

  9. Hey guys, first of all thanks for the amazing materials. They helped me a lot back in the day when I used to render. I have some materials that I would like to share as well, I have built a website called vismats.com where I uploaded all the basic ones for now, but I will upload many more… They are free ass well. Sharing is caring. Thanks for the support. :)

  10. what version is your vray MATUS?

  11. plz send the matrials

  12. hi
    very very good
    fine thanx from every friends

  13. how can i import them into 3ds max 2012

  14. Fariborz Adib says:


  15. there is a problem , why vismat flyingarc, can not be used in vray ?
    please tell me?
    thankz :D

  16. hey!!! are these materials compatible for sketchup vray as well???? i have been watching some of the sketchup tutorials so far and m really keen to learn more of it….

  17. Hi~
    Nice works mates….
    Please send me material…


  18. Hi, ur doing a gr8 job as usual, we had discussed last time, but now I was out of tuch.
    How do we load the material preview xml. For vray in rhinoceros, explain -for dummies, please (completely from begining)

    Its for viewing material in preview, would gr8ly apreciate the help.

  19. Zuzana Hanuskova says:

    Does anybody has a stanless net vismat material for v ray sketch up similar to this picture? Or a tutorial how to make it? Thank you for every information!


  20. When I download a folder and extract the files, I set up the material myself, but what is the ‘normal’ file for? where does that go. I’m using Rhino 4.0.

  21. Awesome. Let me try that!

  22. Can i use vismat in c4D?
    Or How to use it?

  23. mae demasiado buenos!!!
    buena nota legal por el post!!!

  24. dude tank you very much for the post!!
    very nice really!!!

  25. Can you send me :D? Thank you so much

  26. muhammet27 says:


  27. i use rhino 5 ad vray 2.0 and i have a problem in rendered view. when i select in viwport to be in rendered vew only some materials are appearing ( they all appear in when i render). this causes a problem with scaling the materials. you know what that could be? is it an option i have to set or a hardware problem(because i use laptop i think maybe it is not powerfull enough to preview some materias)??? thanks in advance.

  28. how can i import these material in to my v-ray rhino

  29. thanks

  30. very good, thanks admin :p

  31. MD IDRIS ALI says:

    thanks bro

  32. The vray architecture materialsare really useful.

  33. e-Motion says:

    Thanks so much!!!

  34. Thank you so much for these!

  35. Alguien me podría decir como descargar iluminación vray o eso no se puede? Soy nueva…que alguien me ilumine x favor!! :)

  36. is it only for rhino? can i use it on sketchup?

  37. Can youvsend me your materials for vray for su? Thank you

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  39. Happy to see your site as it is just what I’ve looking for and excited to fide all this materials.
    Keep up the good work.

  40. tkank you so much for this materials

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