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Hi guys,
I was thinking for a long time about the tutorials to bring you. Well, to be honest, I’m quite lost as I always suppose you always know the stuff and you don’t need a guide :)
Of course, many of you just keep asking for tutorials on FlyingArchitecture… and here we are. Let me know which tutorials you are eager to watch and I promise I will record them ;)
Let’s start the comment fire in 3…2…1…!

Use the comments area below to tell us, which tutorials should we focus on and also, let us know which level you think you are :)
And we will do the rest ;)

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  1. Post Production for begginers

    Optimal Vray settings

  2. we need architectural modeling and rendering with rhino (Y) :)

    • helbergdesign says:

      yes im agree with amin
      we need architectural modeling and rendering with rhino & vray for rhino
      exterior and interor

    • Kemal Karabulut says:

      Yes i’m agree with you but not modelling just Photorealistic Architectural rendering of an interior and exterior.

    • M. Baraa says:

      Yes i’m agree too about architectural realistic rendering only (no need for modeling)
      Using Rhino 5 + Vray 2.0
      e.x( sun settings + camera settings + rendering settings +…)

      And what is the best solution (program) to make an Animation render modeled in rhino, and if the answer is using lumion!! What is the best format to export our file??

      :-) i think this will be enough for this summer.
      Thanks alot for the amazing site.

  3. @Author that kind tutorial can get at other place easily. Dont lazy google it~ Pftttt!!

    Btw, I prefer parametric tower modelling.. Rhino+gh. :)

    • Please guys, vray and post pro tuts you can get from other place like evermotion and youtube.

      I need curve parametric tower modelling. Craving for it! :’3

      • M. Baraa says:

        Actually most of the site support tutorials for Vray for 3Ds Max not for rhino
        And i couldn’t find a tutorial series for Vray 2.0 for rhino 5

        Anyway if you now any source, would you please send me the link.

  4. some suggestions :-) :

    - UV mapping in Rhino
    - V-Ray render settings
    - lighting scene
    - working with render channels in PS

  5. I want to see the modelling process (scene setup) to Vray rendering

  6. architectural modeling (rhino) and rendering (vray for rhino) :D

  7. Definetly some:
    – Mapping
    – Lighting settings, HDRI , … etc.

    Maybe a full behind the scene project, from start to finish. :) Thank you, have a great day!

  8. Visualisation is all about post production guys, its There the magic is made in an image. Take a look at MIR or Luxigon.
    I would like to learn more about color grade in PS and AE. And with magic bullet pro, the use of videocopilot lens flares.
    Good workflows on colorcorection cutting out people, and backplate images.

    But most of all, color grading an filmatic image.

    Would be cool to learn more about match move with pfmatchit/3ds max/After effects. Combinding rendring in a video Shoot.

    Software: 3ds max/vray3

  9. It would be great to have tutorial on vray (architectural vis):

    -creating advanced materials (like ones seen on the floor and walls in some of your models – cracked concrete walls, and floors with reflection maps)



    -vray settings

    • the example of textures/materials i mentioned can be seen in “Agape Spoon bathtub” in models section :)

  10. Definitely postpro! Show us all the magic in PS – work witch channels, lights, background photos…

  11. Photorealistic interior visualisation

  12. V-ray material settings for photorealistic renders

  13. - UV mapping in Rhino

  14. Hi :) I would like to see definetely a post-production tutorial, it could be nice to see Final touch like texturing, lighting, atmosphere and final corrections :)
    I really like the full project “The Legend of Tent”

    thank you guys!

  15. It would be great to see some postpro/matte painting in exteriors. You are great at it. Definitely would like to see how you are doing it.
    It could be at some more advanced level :)

  16. digitalarch says:

    architecture modeling(interior & exterior) with RHINO and rendering(interior & exterior)with VRAY FOR RHINO
    these kind of tutorials for RHINO & VRAY FOR RHINO is so scarce

    • farivar says:

      Yes plzzz
      architectural tutorial for modeling and rendering with vray for rhino is what we need

  17. UV mapping would be great!

  18. Kemal Karabulut says:

    Photorealistic Architectural rendering of an interior and exterior. Vray for Rhino. Thank you

  19. In my opinion I think it will be nice to have some tutorial in photo realistic materials such:

    Wood materials
    Fabrics for Beds and Rugs
    And some Materials for packaging like for tetra brick, stickers, paintings etc…

    Thank you!

  20. I’m also intersted in tutorials regarding “working with render channels in PS”, but also, if it is possible, in a tutorial regarding the basics of Garshoper+Rhino

    thank you very much

  21. tdechangy says:

    Photorealistic Architectural rendering of an interior and exterior – with priority on INTERIOR LIGHTING settings !!! / integration of HDRI and backgroud images for architecture scenes could also be quiet interesting.
    A general approach for several programs (not only Rhino) should be the best “if possible” KeyShot looks a grate and easy rendering program.


  22. Post production and exterior night scenes are on my to-learn list.

  23. What about some tut of pillows, and bed sheets, or curtain, and carpets, or stuff like that on Marvelous Designer 3!!! I’ve seen that it’s quite tricky to use but seriusly usefull!!!!!!!!! :D

    Or some videos with organic shapes, on rhino! but without using any plug-in (as T-Splines…ect)!

    I’ll keep think about it!

    • Yeah thats what im wondering.. To make the model parameter fully adjustable. Of course gh will do the work.

  24. Modeling sofas and armchairs in c4d. Thanks

  25. My suggestions:

    realistic rendering with Vray
    organic modeling accurately (not mere representation)

  26. hi,Photorealestic architectural rendering with vray for rhino_exterior &interior_step by step from basic to advance

  27. krishna says:

    post production for an interior and exterior scene ..and to model a terrain with proper contours ..thank you :)

  28. rendering exterior and interior with vray for rhino plz

  29. Well, it would be awesome to have a begginers guide to VfR. But if I have to choose specific topics, I’d say:

    -Sharp shadows with HDRI ligthing
    -Realistic Wood
    -Realistic grass (even tho you guys have uploaded one file that covers it, I’d like to see a tutorial using the proxy feature (in vray 2.0 or with the grasshopper definition done by LMNts.

    And also, I’d like to thank you for the opportuniy to request a tutorial for you. It’s really generous and kind.



  30. I wanna know about how to render a great picture in rhino use vary!

  31. hi photorealestic architectural rendering with VfR is kind of the tutorial that is very scarce its wonderful if you make tutorial about rendering withVfR- exterior and interior- scene (DAY AND NIGHT)

  32. -Advanced materials in V-ray – I mean using various mapping channels, using reflection and refraction maps, displacement and so on. Also I would like to learn how to create realistic metal materials as well as a kind of “dirty metal” as you have showed us more than year ago.

    - Scene lightning by using HDRI maps focused mainly on architectural visualisations (not only for product design objects).

    - Some advanced mapping techniques such as UV mapping might be also usefull for me ( I think, I can work with UV, but it is still little bit tricky for me)

    - some advanced modeling techniques, I can model almost everything but maybe there are more simplier ways how to work faster and more effective.

  33. Matias Marcos Fajre says:

    V-Ray render settings exterior!

  34. Gerhard Aguilar says:

    post production for an interior and exterior arquitecture scene for begginers

  35. Jesús Robles says:

    Could you make a tutorial about how to make the shell house Kotaro-Ide.?


  36. 3d printing using rhino

  37. when it comes out ? :D

  38. My suggestion:
    FOTOINSERIMENTO (how to translate in english??!!!) with vray

  39. Setup and Creating V-Ray Materials

  40. I would love to see modeling process and time optimization modeling for complicated or less complicated volumes ;)

  41. Lighting an interior scene with/without sun light! :)

  42. Hi, I would love to see post production workflow tips in PS, thats the most interesting part!
    Hope we can see that soon ;)


  43. Hi,
    When will you make the tutorial that we choosed?

    • Hi, at the moment we are working on the new website, on rerendering all 3D models, adding new ones, rewriting old tutorials to new standards, and writing some new tutorials :) There’s plenty of stuff to do! Of course we will follow comments here, so don’t worry. We did not forget – it just needs time ;)

  44. Thank you very much. One of the best sites for designers :)

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