FlyingArchitecture Adventure #1 experience and impressions

FlyingArchitecture Adventure#1 is officially over and we already miss you, guys… :)
On Sunday late evening we said goodbye to our first adventurers that participated in this first event held at our own facility in Brno. What an awesome group of people gathered at this event!

Zuzana, Magdalena, Marina, Peter, Stefan, Jan, Florian, Jakob and Jochen used this opportunity to participate and to boost their visualization skills either for school projects or commercial works for clients.

During these 3 workshop days (Friday 22 – Sunday 24) we had a chance to run through the workflow of Rhinoceros 5 + V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino and Photoshop CS6. Rhinoceros 5 part was quite quick, as we wanted to focus more on rendering and postproduction. V-Ray Options and V-Ray materials were more technical, but we switched to Photoshop later on and students were happy to start the artistic part :)
Besides studying, we also had a great time hanging out all together, as Brno is a great place to have a super cheap beer… combined with the great food in a great place, it made a great combination for Friday/Saturday evening. And I didn’t even mention guys from 3D Dreaming who joined us for first 2 days… So thanks to Fabio, Jan and Matej for sharing this time with us, we had a lot of fun! ;)

56 coffee cups were drunk during the workshop, what kept us all in focus for the whole time :)
As a motivation and little “Thank You”, our students received a gift package with FlyingArchitecture branded T-shirt, cup and pen… Enjoy ;)
And here are some of our student’s works during the workshop:

Final image by Jochen, our contest winner :) Following works were done by the rest of the team.

If You liked this workshop review, feel free to leave a comment… and see you on the next workshop maybe? ;)


  1. Stephan Asboth says:


    I study architecture at the TU in Vienna and I heard about your workshops from friends of mine. Sadly I am really not the best when it comes to using rhino and my rendering skills are pretty poor. That’s why I would really be glade if I could join your next workshop.
    Can you maybe give me more Informations about it, like : where and when is the next workshop ? how much does it coast ? Do I need a certain level of skills to participate ? and so on …

    I am really looking forward to it,


    Stephan Asboth

    • Hi Stephan, at the moment we are working on a really busy schedule of workshops next year ;) there should be about 10-15 of them with various themes and software setups.

      Stay tuned to read more later this/next month ;)


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