Digital Design in Zbrush workshop

Chris Thackrey / USA

In Collaboration with:
3D-Dreaming & rese arch & FlyingArchitecture

13-14-15 December 2013
There’ll be a big Xmas party in the middle of the workshop :) You’re all welcome!


Programs Required
- Pixologic Zbrush (version 4r6 strongly recommended)
- 3d application of choice (Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4d, Modo)
- Adobe Photoshop CS5 or higher (make sure EXTENDED version is installed)
- Adobe Illustrator

Centrum office building
Kobližná 24
Brno, 602 00
Czech Republic
Check the location on the map>>
Our place is about 5 minutes walk from the main train station and about 4 minutes walk from Student Agency’s station. It’s pretty close to anywhere! :)

We’ve got some limitations and we have a capacity of 12 people for this event. So hurry up and send us a message to book your place :)

Digital Design in Zbrush workshop (2)

[Segment 1]

Introduction to Zbrush

> Interface Essentials
> GoZ Accelerated Workflow
> Importing Base Geometry as .obj
> Interface Navigation & Customization

Digital Sculpting Fundamentals

> Sculpt Setup [enable sculpt-mode, hotkeys, brush commands]
> Working in Subdivisions & Poly-counts [essential workflow]
> Enabling Symmetries
> Essentials Masking Techniques
> Selections & Subtools
> Sculpting with Deformers
> Zremesher Re-topology


> Fundamentals of PolyPaint
> Working in Layers
> Alpha Workflow
> Using Stencils
> Using Alphas to Manipulate Polypaint [advanced alpha settings]
> Alpha Creation
> Texturing Fundamentals
> Painting with Custom Photoshop Documents
> Spotlight Painting

Zbrush Materials

> Uploading Custom Matcap Materials
> Manipulating Material Characteristics
> Painting Material Attributes

Zbrush UV Workflow Level 1

> Why use UV’s? Workflow explanation.
> Tiled UV creation for fast export
> Texture Map Creation

(After-hours help session)

Digital Design in Zbrush workshop (5)


Advanced Sculpting

> Adaptive Dynamesh Workflow
> Additive & Subtractive Booleaning
> Combining/ Merging Subtools
> Mesh-insert Brushes
> Mesh Extraction
> Zsphere Workflow
> Zsketch

PolyGroups Level 2

> Manipulate Object by Grouping
> Deleting, Splitting Geometry

Advanced Masking Options

The UV Master Plug-in [create perfect, editable texture maps]

> Advanced UV setup with UV Master
> UV Adjustment
> Saving UV’s
> UV Optimization in Photoshop

Advanced Painting Workflows

> Zbrush to Photoshop Extended Workflow using GoZ
> 3d Texturing in Photoshop
> Painting with Editable Curves
> Baking Custom Materials Using ZappLink

Exporting a Heavy Scene

> Displacement Maps
> Normal Maps

Zremesher Level 2

> Using Adaptive Retopology
> Dynamesh Retopology Workflow + Polycount Decimation

(After-hours help session)

Digital Design in Zbrush workshop (16)


HD Sculpting/ HD Painting

Advanced Brushes

> Hard-surface sculpting
> Surface Creasing [Crease edges, crease brushes]
> Intricate Detail Brushes
> Clipping/ Cutting Brushes
> Brushing w/ Editable Curves
> Manipulate Brush Behaviors
> Advanced Settings
> Lazy Mouse Modifier, Snap it Edges, Involutions

GroupsLoops Worklow

> Workflow and Examples


> Make Grass, .etc on Mesh
> Convert Fibermesh to Geom. for Export


> Building a MicroMesh
> convert Micromesh to geometry

Bonus: Extra Tips & Tricks

> Creating Hard-line Vector Decals
> Baking Custom Materials using ZappLink
> Painting Transparency, Specular Maps using Zbrush
> Optimizing Texture Maps Secret Adobe Illustrator Workflow
> The Wax Preview Setting

(After-hours help & troubleshooting // improvised sculpt by Chris)

Join us now!!

Click here to book Your seat and to join Chris on this wonderful event on 13-15 December!






  1. please record and offer tutorial as webinar.. I would buy all your amazing courses

  2. I would like to agree with the comment of Mike. Is there a chance that there would be a webinar of this course for sale afterwards? Greetings, Dominik

  3. I like the webinar idea! This would be great. Please try to get such a thing done!

  4. zachary allen says:

    Please make this available as a webinar!

  5. webinar+1

  6. Webinar would be amazing, even better if you plan to do a workshop in London…

  7. webinar +1

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