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My name is Matúš and when I was young student of Architecture and freelance visualiser, I started this blog. It was in the summer ’09 and I came with just a few 3D models done by myself. After some time, tens of people from all around the world joined me and supported me with their 3D stuff. Thanks a lot to all of these fans, You are doing great work!

Currently, I’d describe FlyingArchitecture as a young, creative team of CGI artists working in the area of visualizations for several years. During this time, we had the honor to co-operate with tens of architectural studios or developers and thank to this we were able to create a solid portfolio of architectural visualization.

FlyingArchitecture is not just a “download server” with hundreds of free 3d models, this is also a communication hub for all 3d artists, so feel free to ask anything right under every 3D model, or tutorial. I’ll do my best to reply to You as soon as possible :)
If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or information which might be helpful or interesting, or you just want to stop by and say “thanks,” You can do it right here :) Thanks a lot for your help to build this awesome community! I really appreciate the time You spend on this website.


  1. Hello, I have been using your site for a few years as a mArch student, and now I have a job in product development. I was wondering if you know of any resource similar to evermotion, except for rhino+vray workflow. I’d love to buy a good looking scene of a bathroom/kitchen and just drop in my product development stuff into it to give them more of an in situ look/feel. I was hoping to buy one or several of your scenes but reading through the comments above it looks like you are not interested in selling 3d assets at this time. I’m looking for contemporary clean stuff similar to your scenes below:

    Finland Housing Interior
    House in Norway
    Suburban Project
    Hamburg Apartment
    Villa in Bratislava

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